Jon Aquino Labs

Technologies that make life wonderful
Parachute Randomized Prioritizing Grid
This tool helps you to rank a list of your preferences by comparing them a pair at a time. (Read more...)
Git Time-Lapse View
A cross-platform Git viewer that downloads all revisions of a file and lets you scroll through them by dragging a slider. (Read more...)
APA Check
A validator/lint program for APA style. (Read more...)
Elo Preference Ranker
Helps you to rank a list of your preferences by asking you to make pairwise comparisons. Uses the Elo ranking algorithm. (Read more...)
Unclosed HTML Tag Finder
Finds any unclosed tags in any HTML that you paste in. (Read more...)
A python script that extracts code from a literate programming document in "noweb" format. (Read more...)
Dowling's Wheel
Exercises for learning Latin using the Dowling Method. (Read more...)
Unused Variable Detector
Paste in code and press the button. A list of unused variables will be shown. Works for many different programming languages. (Read more...)
A colorful grid of sticky notes. (Read more...)
SVN Time-Lapse View
A cross-platform Subversion viewer that downloads all revisions of a file and lets you scroll through them by dragging a slider. (Read more...)
Language-Independent Visualizer (LIVER)
Source-code-structure visualization that works for any programming language. (Read more...)
A shorthand for speed-writing. (Read more...)
HTML/XML Indenter
Paste in a bunch of HTML or XML, and it will give it consistent indenting. (Read more...)
Online Break Reminder
An online break reminder. Basically it will bug you to take a break from the computer every 30 minutes (you can configure the time interval). (Read more...)
Foo Camp Faceroll
A photo for each of the 150 attendees of the Foo Camp 2005 technology conference, painstakingly scoured from various sources around the web.
YubNub is a (social) command-line for the web. After setting it up on your browser, you simply type "gim porsche 911" to do a Google Image Search for pictures of Porsche 911 sports cars. Type "random 49" to return random numbers between 1 and 49, courtesy of And best of all, you can make a new command by giving YubNub an appropriate URL. (Read more...)
For programmers like me with wrist pain, this is a simple keyboard modification that lets you press the Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys with your thumbs. Just like those expensive $240 Kinesis keyboards, but made using a $30 K'nex building toy. (Read more...)
An RSS feed that adds descriptions to the wonderful and Populicious feeds, which show you what is popular on the web each day. (Read more...)
Random Keith Ferrazzi Quote
A web application that displays a random quote from Keith Ferrazzi's book "Never Eat Alone". This book is about networking and making connections.
Victoria BC Bloggers
A webpage combining the feeds of 109 Victoria bloggers. Also available as a feed, or if you want to import all 109 blogs into your aggregator, an OPML file. Anyone is free to add or remove blogs using the Edit link. (old site) (Read more...)
A web application that will let you paste in a bunch of numbers and hit a button, and it will display their average.
Bloglines Splicer
A web application that arranges your unread feed items in a new way: the first item is shown for each feed, then the second item is shown for each feed, then the third for each feed, and so forth. This way, your feedreading is distributed evenly among all your feeds -- a great help if you are under time constraints (imposed by yourself or by your circumstances). (Read more...)
Line Shuffler
A web application that will let you paste in a bunch of lines of text and hit a button, and it will shuffle the lines for you. (Read more...)
A Windows program that lets you turn any RSS feed into a podcast. It uses text-to-speech to convert the feed's webpages into MP3 files. (Read more...)
Yet Another Bloglines Notifier
A Windows program that sits in the system tray and displays the number of unread Bloglines items (directly on the system tray icon). When new items arrive, a balloon pops up showing an excerpt. Inspired by the Gmail notifier. (Read more...)
A Ruby script that analyzes your links to generate a list of your favourite interests. This is version 2, which adds tag normalization using Google Directory categories. (Read more...)
Float-Drop Fix
An investigation into the "float drop" problem caused by wide posts in Blogger's otherwise wonderful templates created by the likes of Douglas Bowman and Dan Cederholm. A workaround is presented. (Read more...)
Ant Ski
An Ant script with the dubious distinction of being the world's first video game written in Ant (a programming language originally intended for software builds). Use the < and > keys to race down a dangerous ski slope in this cross-platform skiing game. (Read more...)
Custom Pocket PC Keyboard
Instructions for creating your own keyboard (or "soft input panel") on the Pocket PC, by making a skin for Resco Keyboard. Hitherto undocumented. (Read more...)
Masterpiece of the Day
An RSS feed showcasing a random daily masterwork painting from the ibiblio WebMuseum. The large images add a welcome splash of colour to your nightly feedreading. Updated daily. (Read more...)
A Ruby script for prioritizing any list of items, by asking you to choose between every possible pair of items in the list. I learned the technique from Richard Bolles. (Read more...)
Fitaly vs Atomik
A visual comparison of the performance of the Fitaly and Atomik keyboards. Shows the gestures for each word using the text from Fitaly's Dom Perignon IV Speed Contest. (Read more...)
Keyboard Odometer
A Ruby script that measures the efficiency of a PDA keyboard by computing the distance travelled by the stylus. Numbers are given for the Fitaly and Atomik keyboard layouts, using the Book of Matthew and Grimm's Fairy Tales. (Read more...)
FreewarePalm Ratings
An extraction of all the ratings from, sorted by popularity. Programs with the most ratings are at the top; programs with the least ratings, at the bottom. This gives an excellent view of which freeware programs are highly regarded in the Palm community. (Read more...)
75 GeekLists
A list of all lists on that say which board games work well for x number of players. One of BoardGameGeek's favourite lists. Continually updated.